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Step 1

Download and Read Rules and Expectations. During the registration process, you will be required to note that you have read this information. RulesAndExpectations.pdf 

To register online for Athletics/Activities, please click on the soccer ball or book!!

We recommend that you use Firefox as your web browser during registration.

Camp- Summer - Winter Competitive Dance (Century)   +
C.SumCampWDance-7-12, Grades 7 - 12    
Camp-Summer - Boys Basketball (Century)   +
C.SumCampBBB-9-12, Grades 9-12    
Camp-Summer - Boys Soccer (Century)   +

Players who register by June
30th will get a tee shirt the size they requested.  Those
registering later may not get a tee shirt in the size they wanted or may get a
standard practice shirt.

C.SumCampBSoc-8-12, Grades 8-12    
Camp-Summer - Fall Dance (Century)   +
C.SumCampFDance-9-12, Grades 9 - 12    
Camp-Summer - Girls Basketball (Century)   +
C.SumCampGBB-8-12, Grades 8-12    
Camp-Summer - Volleyball (Century)   +
C.SumCampVB-7-12, Grades 7 - 12    
Century - Summer Strength, Agility, Quickness   +
Select SAQ, answer all questions, add to your cart, checkout, and process payment.
C.SummerSAQ.611, Grades 6-11    
Mayo - Summer Strength, Agility, Quickness   +
Please select SAQ, answer all questions.
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M.SummerSAQ.611, Grades 6-11